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Synchronised Jacking

When it comes to jacking, lifting and lowering, we believe that accuracy, safety and swift completion of our work is paramount.

Meccanico have 12 years experience in jacking and continually invest into our team and our equipment. Our scalable synchronised jacking system can expand up lift / lower loads up to 6000 tonnes.

At Meccanico, we specialise in an advanced synchronised jacking service with the Holmatro hydraulic system, designed for precision lifting of delicate, rigid, and heavy loads with safety. Our system allows for precise 1mm increments in lifting, controlled through a computer interface for tailored lifting cycles.

A notable feature is the built-in safety mechanism that halts lifting if displacement exceeds 0.1mm, ensuring load security. Unique in New Zealand, our double-acting system can lift and lower loads in controlled increments, reducing the risk of shifting and potential damage during lowering.

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Modular Synchronised Jacking


Meccanico’s purpose built jacking system uses a computer-controlled, custom-built 6000 (metric) ton synchronised positioning system.

The software allows us to set exact parameters to execute a complex lift, and synchronised positioning of heavy loads with high damage risk is much easier. The modular system uses multiple split-flow pumps, each with four individual flows and 40 lifting points. Each lifting point has its own single oil flow; the load can be positioned smoothly and with extreme precision.

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