Wellington University – Rankine Library


Meccanico was contracted by LT McGuniess to undertake a challenging project at Wellington University’s Rankine Library. The objective of the project was to jack the lift shafts and perimeter structural columns by 1-2mm in order to facilitate the installation of seismic base isolators. This project was a crucial part of the building’s structural strengthening upgrade following the Christchurch Earthquake.


The project presented several challenges that needed to be overcome. Firstly, the building had to remain operational throughout the entire duration of the works. This meant that Meccanico had to devise a plan that would enable them to carry out the jacking work without disrupting the normal functioning of the library. This required careful coordination and scheduling to minimize any inconvenience to the university staff and library users.
In addition, the jacking work needed to be completed in multiple stages, further adding to the complexity of the project. Each stage had to be carefully planned and executed to ensure the safety and stability of the structure during the jacking process. Meccanico’s team of experienced engineers and technicians worked closely with LT McGuniess to develop a detailed project plan that accounted for all the necessary stages and ensured the successful completion of the project.


Meccanico’s team utilized their expertise in structural engineering and construction to execute the jacking work with precision and efficiency. They employed advanced jacking techniques and equipment to achieve the required 1-2mm lift on the lift shafts and perimeter structural columns. The team worked in coordination with LT McGuniess and other stakeholders to ensure that all safety protocols were followed and that the building remained secure and stable during the entire process.
Throughout the project, Meccanico maintained open lines of communication with the university staff and library users to keep them informed about the progress and any necessary disruptions. This proactive approach helped to minimize any inconvenience and ensured that the library could continue to function smoothly despite the ongoing construction activities.

Project Outcome

The successful completion of the jacking work at Wellington University’s Rankine Library was a significant milestone in the building’s structural strengthening upgrade. Meccanico’s expertise and professionalism played a crucial role in the project’s success. The installation of seismic base isolators will enhance the building’s resilience to future seismic events, ensuring the safety of the university staff and library users.
By successfully completing this challenging project, Meccanico has further solidified its reputation as a trusted and capable construction partner. The company’s ability to overcome complex engineering challenges while minimizing disruptions to ongoing operations has made them a preferred choice for similar projects in the industry.
Overall, the Wellington University – Rankine Library project showcases Meccanico’s commitment to excellence and their ability to deliver innovative construction solutions in demanding environments.

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