Pool Jacking and Strengthening

The Sebel Quay West Auckland, New Zealand


The client had already completed a full refurbishment of the hotel and pool area, when they realised that the props supporting the pool had failed and needed to be replaced!


To replace the props would be a very delicate task as the pool only needed to be lifted 1-2mm. The primary objective was to elevate each side of the pool separately, allowing for the removal of the existing suspension props and to allow for the installation of the new, permanent engineered props.


The project involved the precise lifting of the pool, located within the Sebel Hotel , using a synchronised jacking system .Meccanico was responsible for the planning, execution, and coordination of the entire operation. The key objectives of the project were as follows:
1. Lift the Pool: Meccanico aimed to lift the pool by 1-2mm to facilitate the removal of existing suspension props and the subsequent installation of new permanent engineered props. This required a high level of precision and synchronisation to ensure the stability and safety of the pool structure.
2. Separate Lifting: To ensure the existing suspension props could be safely removed and replaced, Meccanico decided to lift each side of the pool separately. This approach allowed for a controlled and systematic process, minimising any potential risks or damage to the pool structure.
3. Installation of Engineered Props: Once the pool was lifted, Meccanico’s team installed new permanent engineered props to provide enhanced support and stability. These props were carefully designed and engineered to meet the specific requirements of the pool structure, ensuring long-term durability and safety.
By successfully achieving the desired lift and installing new engineered props, Meccanico ensured the safety, stability, and longevity of the pool structure. Our specialised equipment enabled the project to be executed efficiently and within the designated timeframe which minimised any potential disruptions to the hotel’s operations.
This Meccanico project demonstrates how our innovative engineering solutions can be employed to overcome complex challenges in the construction industry.

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