Meccanico is fully committed to following best-practice health and safety measures, and to the highest standards of workmanship. Preventing harm begins with identifying and understanding the risks, then eliminating or minimising those risks.

Our Health & Safety responsibilities include:

  • Providing a framework for continuous improvement
  • Encouraging workers to promote improvements in Health & Safety practices
  • Providing advice, information, education & training
  • Providing fair, effective workplace representation, consultation & co-operation

Training & Experience

Meccanico Directors, Rod and Stuart Moore, have significant experience in lifting works – unsurpassed in the New Zealand lifting industry. They have successfully overseen the safe lifts of hundreds of structures in New Zealand, including many multi-storey heavy buildings. Rod also undertook additional training with the largest hydraulic specialist in Europe – on the most advanced heavy lifting system available on the market internationally.

Safer Heavy Lifts

Before performing heavy lifts, we weigh the building or structure to determine the COG (Centre Of Gravity); to achieve safe, even weight distribution throughout every stage of the lift. Multiple, heavy duty hydraulic pump units are placed around the building, bridge or structure; distances from the pumps to lifting points are kept equal and to a minimum. This creates a much safer lifting and lowering action, and significantly less vibrations (most other heavy lifting systems work with just one very large pump unit and extremely long hoses).

Advanced Technology

Meccanico has the most advanced heavy lifting system in New Zealand. The hydraulic, computer-controlled Modular Synchronised Positioning System is extremely precise, spreads loads evenly around the full system, and provides synchronised pressure. The unique lifting system can perform complex, heavy lifts on even the most challenging sites – without requiring cranes or forklifts.

Registered Engineers

Every heavy lifting project Meccanico undertakes is designed and overseen by one of our in-house Registered Engineers, and Meccanico’s unique heavy lifting system was custom-designed, built and certified by a highly experienced and respected engineering team in the Netherlands.

The software used in Meccanico’s system allows us to set exact parameters to execute a complex lift. Should something occur outside the given parameters (e.g. an unexpected shift in weight), the system automatically stops the lift, and we can safely check and secure the load before recommencing the lift.

Working Safely with High-pressure Hydraulics

720 bar high pressure is present in the entire system, including the hoses and couplers. The force applied by 720 bar is comparable to a rifle shot, so what initially may seem unimportant, can have far-reaching effects.

Meccanico helps prevent leaks and malfunctions through:

  • Creating a safe, neat work environment
  • Reading the instructions and using the equipment as specified
  • Always working with Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs)
  • Inspecting equipment before use
  • Scheduled maintenance and certification
  • Never working with damaged equipment

WorkSafe NZ website: New Zealand Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA)

WorkSafe NZ video: ‘Health & Safety at Work’ (Basic principles of the HSWA)