(Using Modular Synchronised Positioning Systems, similar to Meccanico heavy lifting system)

Castle Jacking

In the mid 1990’s, a new castle built on the foundations of a 17th-century fortress, 
started subsiding – the foundation was too weak to support the massive castle. The 
only way to save it, was to reinforce the foundation. Sinking piles into the ground 
for extra support was not an option: there simply was not enough space and it 
would disturb the ground too much, resulting in more damage. Therefore another 
approach was needed: fit the foundation with supporting poles.

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Roof Lifting - Rhein Arena

(Düsseldorf, Germany)

Sliding roofs of sports arenas e.g. soccer stadiums, are commonly carried by a 
pillar construction. Thorough inspection sometimes proves that this is too weak to 
support the entire roof, which was the case with the Rhein Arena. The contracting company used Holmatro cylinders to lift the roof, in order to 
reinforce the pillars. The type of cylinders used was lock nut cylinders, each with a 
capacity of 250 tons.

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High Rise Construction - Erasmus Medical Centre

(Rotterdam, Holland)

During construction, the lifting shed on top, was a real eye catcher! It was a 
construction plant, built on top of the fourth level of the high rise. On this platform 
all the necessary activities involved in building a complete floor within one week, 
took place. When one floor was completed, the shed was lifted in order to facilitate 
construction of the next floor. The lifting of the construction shed was executed by 
means of Holmatro’s high capacity, double-acting cylinders with hydraulic return.